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Repurposing Drugs for Covid-19 by a Developing Country
Valerio Pascua et al., Epidemiology International Journal, doi:10.23880/eij-16000234
Valerio Pascua et al., Repurposing Drugs for Covid-19 by a Developing Country, Epidemiology International Journal, doi:10.23880/eij-16000234
May 2022   Source   PDF  
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Review of a multiphasic multidrug early treatment protocol for COVID-19 in Honduras, showing one death from 415 patients, which was for a patient not receiving early treatment (presenting on the 5th day in need of hospitalization and supplemental oxygen). Treatment included ivermectin, aspirin, colchicine, fluvoxamine, and famotidine.
Valerio Pascua et al., 20 May 2022, Honduras, peer-reviewed, 31 authors, study period November 2020 - October 2021.
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Abstract: Epidemiology International Journal ISSN: 2639-2038 MEDWIN PUBLISHERS Committed to Create Value for Researchers Repurposing Drugs for Covid-19 by a Developing Country Valerio Pascua F1, Baires F2, Diaz O3, Sierra M4, Palou E5, Alvarado T6, Hernández CI7, Lewis AS8, Durón M9, Valenzuela HD10, Flores A10, Alvarenga LF11, Diaz T12, Chajtur DG13, Benítez LG14, Pineda E15, Vargas M16, Caraccioli GG16, Garay J16, Godoy J16, Matamoros D16, Larios J17, Lara R15, Deras P18, Leon V15, Videa EO19, Stevens ML20, Eberhard D20, Singh J21, Sekhon AK22* and Sierra Hoffman M23 Research Article Volume 6 Issue 2 Received Date: April 26, 2022 Published Date: May 20, 2022 DOI: 10.23880/eij-16000234 Department of Critical Care, Hospital CEMESA, Honduras Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras 3 Department of Critical Care Hospital Regional del Norte Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social, Honduras 4 Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana, Honduras 5 Internal Medicine Department, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras 6 Internal Medicien Depatment, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras 7 HEME Clinic, Honduras 8 Pharmacy Department, El Campo Memorial Hospital, United States of America 9 Laboratorios Durón, Honduras 10 Emergency Department, Hospital Roberto Suazo Córdova, Honduras 11 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras 12 La Paz Regional Health Department, Honduras 13 Universidad Católica de Honduras, Honduras 14 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras 15 Emergency Department, Hospital CEMESA, Honduras 16 Emergency Department, Hospital Leonardo Martinez, Honduras 17 Emergency Department, Hospital Santa Bárbara Integrado, Honduras 18 Centro de Investigation de DEMEDICA, Honduras 19 Clinical de Attention Medical Integral CAMI, Honduras 20 Research Department, Texas A&M College of Medicine, United States of America 21 Cardiovascular Medicine, University of California, United States of America 22 Sleep Medicine, United States of America 23 Research and Infectious Disease Department, Texas A&M College of Medicine, United States of America 1 2 *Corresponding author: Anupamjeet Kaur Sekhon, Sleep Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, 9961 Sierra Avenue, #7, Fontana, CA, USA, Tel: 832-983-1131; Email: Abstract Background: Early treatment of COVID-19 disease with repurposed drugs has been controversial. Most guidelines in the developed world recommend monoclonal antibodies or Ritonavir/Nirmatrelvir therapies for patients at risk of clinical deterioration, but accessibility to these in developing countries is a big challenge. The primary purpose of this study is to Repurposing Drugs for Covid-19 by a Developing Country Epidemol Int J 2 Epidemiology International Journal review the impact of early treatment of COVID-19 with repurposed drugs on hospitalizations, oxygen requirement, and mortality in a limited resource setting. Methods: This observational cohort study was Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved. Data was collected from medical records from November 2020 until October 2021. A multiphasic multidrug protocol of repurposed drugs was used as COVID-19 outpatient therapy in Honduras. Patients within 7 days of disease onset and mild symptoms received Ivermectin, Aspirin, Colchicine, Fluvoxamine, and Famotidine. On day 7, patients received Prednisolone and Apixaban if CT-chest showed pulmonary infiltrates and inflammatory markers were elevated. Patients were followed..
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